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For The Health Of Your Pet, Use Fulvic Acid. Your Pet Will Be Healthy And Energetic Again!

Have you ever noticed a dog chewing on dirt and roots? Or eating feces? This is because they are actually craving minerals and this is how they get them, instinctually.

Fulvic acid minerals are 100% organic nutrients for your dog or cat. Coming straight from mother nature herself. It is One of the most natural and potent super antioxidants and polyelectrolytes supplements you can give your pet.

Fulvic acid provides at least 10 organic liquid vitamins, over 70 naturally occurring organic ionic minerals as well as at least 18 amino acids.

Fulvic acid detoxifies and promotes the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in pets. Fulvic acid has a high absorption capacity – it is a small molecule that can penetrate into the cells. This characteristic, and the purity of our product, ensures that vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by your dog.

Here are a few of the amazing health benefits of fulvic acid for pets

Pet owners who regularly supplement their animal’s diet with fulvic acid have reported the following changes & benefits:

  • Helps improve immunity & overall well-being.

  • helps digestion- improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals from their diet

  • Helps with mental alertness

  • Less fear and anxiety

  • Calming - Less aggression- more relaxed

  • Increases healing and immunity

  • helps define muscles

  • Better energy level in older dogs

  • Helps improve joint & bone health

  • Imparts a shiny glossy coat

  • Gives a new sparkle to their eyes

  • Improves canine behavior issues

  • Helps with eliminating parasites including fleas, ticks & some worms.

  • Improves cellular receptivity– helps the water to enter cells at a faster rate, improving overall hydration level.

  • brain health –helps the brain by allowing the nutrients in faster, preventing fatigue and tiredness, and decreases overall stress

  • Can help with diabetes – has been known to counterbalance diabetes by dropping blood glucose levels

  • Is a good antioxidant– helps purge the body of detrimental free radicals while preventing damage to cells

  • Works as an anti-inflammatory– can help with pain and inflammation

Positive effects for your pet:

  • Promotes disease resistance

  • Noticeable results within 2 weeks

  • Helps to remove heavy metals and toxins

  • Promotes intestinal health

  • Nourishes and protects skin and fur 

  • A natural product, your animal will have no reluctance ingesting it

  • Promotes vitality

  • Economical in use

  • Reduces animal odor and feces odor

  • Promotes the absorption of nutrients

Fulvic acid is easy to give to your pet; pour it over its food or mix it in its water bowl. It is easy to dose.
You can determine the amount that you administer based on the weight of your pet. 

By adding fulvic acid to animal food every day, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are better absorbed.

Please keep in mind when giving fulvic acid to your dog or cat you should never mix it with chlorinated tap water. This is due to the fact that chlorine reacts with the organic substances in the acid, forming carcinogenic compounds. Be sure to only mix into distilled, filtered water, or good quality bottled water.

Fulvic acid detoxifies and promotes the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in pets. Fulvic acid has a high absorption capacity – it is a small molecule that can penetrate into the cells. This characteristic, and the purity of our product, ensures that vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by your dog. It also improves the immune system and therefore the vitality and mobility.

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Top Reasons To Add Humic And Fulvic Acid To Your Pet's Diet

#1 Improves Gut Health And Digestion

Fulvic acids can support gut health in several ways:

  • Toxin removal

  • Protecting nutrients

  • Adding nutrients

Toxin Removal

Fulvic acid provides excellent detoxification support for the body. They help to clear toxins and heavy metals quickly. They’re also high in antioxidants. The antioxidants in fulvic acid can help repair cell damage from toxins.

One of the most important toxins fulvic acid can remove is glyphosate.

Glyphosate is made to kill everything …

  • Insects

  • Bacteria

  • Fungi

  • Weeds

It kills by stopping a specific enzyme pathway known as the shikimate pathway. Glyphosate kills all plants and leaves insects in a state similar to AIDS patients. Your dog doesn’t have a shikimate pathway … but the bacteria in her gut do. And glyphosate is deadly to these bacteria. Glyphosate isn’t just a weed killer. Monsanto got it approved as an antibiotic. Like all antibiotics, it’ll wipe out the bad bacteria … but it’ll take out all the good guys too.

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About 80% of your dog’s immune system starts in the gut. Good gut bacteria are the foundation of your dog’s health. So wiping out beneficial bacteria increases the risk of bacterial infections, viruses, and chronic disease.

Fulvic acid can be a vital tool to keep glyphosate from destroying your dog’s gut health. Fulvic acid can bind to glyphosate that may be hiding in your dog’s food … while it’s still in her stomach. So it gets rid of glyphosate before it reaches the bacteria that live in her intestines. Fulvic acid also supports your dog’s gut health when …

  • Your neighbors use pesticides or herbicides

  • Your guests feed your dog at holiday events

  • Your dog is a garbage thief

… Or anything that might cause digestive upset. It could prevent you from having a diarrhea mess on your hands!

Protecting Nutrients

Now for another problem with glyphosate…it binds to chelated minerals. This means it can rob your dog of nutrients like:

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Cobalt

  • Copper

  • Calcium

So giving fulvic acid can help ensure your dog gets her nutrients.

Adding Nutrients

Fulvic acid provides a wide range of nutrition support including:

  • Trace minerals

  • Amino acids

  • Phytochemicals

  • Enzymes

Fulvic acid also helps carry more nutrients to the body’s cells and balances their electrolyte levels. This provides your dog’s cells with the energy they need to use oxygen efficiently.

Which means she’ll have more energy and a stronger immune system. And this added energy allows her cells to fight against natural cell aging and damage.

#2 Provides Immune Support

A healthy dog is a happy dog. So you always want to do what you can to boost her immune system. Fulvic acid is a great supplement to add to your rotation. That’s because it can modulate your dog’s immune system by regulating the amount of T cells and killer cells. 

This ensures she has the right number of immune cells she needs to fight disease … and not excess. Now, I know it may seem odd to not want extra immune cells…but too many killer cells in the body can lead to unwanted inflammation…like joint disease.

And studies are looking at how fulvic acid can assist the body in manufacturing antibodies. So by giving this regularly, you’ll help your dog fight disease and build better immunity. 

#3 Provide Skin Relief  

Spa days with mud baths and clay masks aren’t just for us humans. They’re also valuable for your dog, as they provide trace amounts of fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid is a natural:

  • antibiotic

  • antifungal

  • anti-inflammatory

This makes it a great addition to your dog’s skincare routine, both internally and externally.

So if your dog has skin issues due to allergies, bug bites, or seasonally dry skin you’ll want to add fulvic acid to her diet. 

But Remember

You’ll need to be cautious when you first introduce fulvic acid into your dog’s diet. The detoxification effects might loosen her stool for a few days. So start with a low daily dose and adjust gradually. Normal stools will return as the acids promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria…balancing the gut. 

And if you’re mixing them into a paste to give orally or use topically make sure to use filtered water. Chlorine can interact with the acids and create compounds that can cause cancer.

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